2007 Honda Accord Clutch and Flywheel Replacement


Definately one of the most difficult jobs we’ve done in a while. If your going to replace the clutch and flywheel in one of these, do yourself a favour and make sure you have a ramp.


Honda Accord Jacked Up

Jacked up and ready to go. Doing a clutch like this is very awkward on the Accord


Symptom: We were experiencing a problem were it was difficult to engage/disengage gear intermittently. Sometimes the clutch pedal would stay down and had to be lifted manually or would spring back up late.

Diagnosis: We carried out some work on the clutch hydraulic system and confirmed everything outside of the bell housing was in good working order.

This left us with a issue with either the pressure plate or the flywheel. The flywheel was starting to make a little noise, not bad considering the mileage of the vehicle. We suspected the pressure plate was the culprit.

The Job:  The engine bay of the accord is pretty cramped, you need to strip off filter housing and battery tray to get access to the upper gearbox bolts and remove the selector linkage. The upper and lower gearbox mounts are removed from above also.

Honda Accord Engine Bay

Battery out and engine cover off


Accord Upper gearbox

Air filter housing and battery tray removed

To get the the gearbox out you have to disconnect the suspension either side, the steering rack and exhaust. Only then can you remove the entire subframe.

Honda Accord Subframe

Once all that is done the rest is plane sailing. Replace the clutch and flywheel assembly and start the rebuild.


New Clutch Fitted

New Clutch Fitted

We gave the inside of the bell housing a clean while we were at it. The flywheel we used was LUK, unfortunately we weren’t able to get the LUK clutch kit as it wasn’t available. The pressure plate fingers did appear to be somewhat collapsed when compared with the fingers on the new Exedy clutch.

We’re happy to report, everything is back together about a week and all issues are resolved.

A costly exercise too at €980 for all parts including gear oil.