Trip to France in the Audi A6

Wow, this is going back. I just seen these couple of images in the draft post section. I thought that I had already posted these. This was a little post I put together when we had our little family trip to France in the Audi A6 in September.

We got the A6 in February 2016, its an S-Line model which comes with a great spec as standard including Sat Nav, Park Sensors, Alarm, Heated Seats etc. The only extras we got on the car were the Automatic Transmission, Black Pack (Gloss Black Interior and Exterior Trims and 20″ Alloy Wheels) and MMI Navigation Plus (Larger Sat Nav with touch pad and Hard Disc and DVD for playing music and movies).

This was the first proper run in the new car, all other journeys we had completed up until then were short commuting journeys. You don’t really get a good feel for a car until you have spend a good bit of time driving. Boy did we spend a good bit of time driving in France.

We drove Dublin to Rosslare took the Ferry to Cherbourg and drove down to St Jean de Monts on the west coast of France in VendeĆ©. The car drove like an absolute dream. 5 of us travelled in comfort with plenty of boot space for the luggage. This was our first trip to France with an automatic transmission vehicle, I don’t think we will be getting another manual family car for some time.

The Sat Nav worked perfect in France not like previous years when we used other Sat Nav’s which brought us off the beaten track. The Audi Nav showed up-to-date traffic and the 3D graphics gave you a nice feel for the areas we were driving through. Another nice feature was the LED headlamps which automatically adjusted for driving on the right side of the road, no need for beam deflecting stickers. We could even get Irish radio stations through internet radio.

As of today we have the Audi almost 11 months and so far I think its the best vehicle we have ever purchased.


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