Cleaning Ducati Monster Tank with Citric Acid

Cleaning Ducati Monster Tank with Citric Acid after we had an issue with debris and dirt making its way into the carbs and also clogging up the fuel filter, as a result the bike to ran poorly. It seems like the dirt and debris was due to some corrosion inside the tank.

You can see there was a lot a crud in the carb bowls despite having been cleaned last year, see our other post here. The source of the crud was the inside of the fuel tank, there seemed to be corrosion building up on the inside.


Ducati Monster Carbs

The inside of the carb after we took the bowls off.

Monster Carb Up Close

Here is a close up image of the bowl. This is not the nice clean fuel we would like to see.


The question is what’s best to clean the inside of the tank. It’s not easily accessible and you also don’t want to put media inside that you can’t get back out. I have used citric acid to clean corrosion and slag off some metal work projects in the past.

Citric Acid

These are the small sachets of Citric Acid available from a local market.

It’s basically lemon juice, you can buy it in some supermarket or chemists. It’s safe on paintwork too, though I would’ve leave it there for extended periods.

We simply mixed the citric acid powder with warm water and fill the tank, leave it overnight with occasional agitation.

Citric Acid Solution

We just mixed a concentrate solution in a mixing jug and topped the tank off with warm water.

Monster Fuel Tank

The tank was filled to the brim to ensure all corrosion was treated.


Once done, we just empty tank and rinse with clean water. The tank in the monster has a drain plug which is handy for getting all or most of the excess water out.

Damn that paintwork is good.

We heated the empty tank up and left it for a while to try drive out any left over water. We put tank and clean carbs back on and put fresh petrol in, bike stated first time.

Heating the Ducati Tank

Tank heated with infra red lamps to try drive out any residual water and moisture.

Refuelling Ducati

Refilled with fresh fuel and ready to start.


Finally, we are glad to report that everything was ok once everything was back together. After the work we cranked the bike over and she started first time. We fitted and new fuel filter and as a result of the previous issue we plan to change the filter again in about 3-4 weeks.  We do hope you enjoyed reading about Cleaning Ducati Monster Tank with Citric Acid. See below for a little YouTube video we also together