Ducati Monster Oil leak

So we had a Ducati Monster Oil Leak, it’s been weeping for quiet some time but summer is here and an oil leak just will not do.

We called to Ducati to get some gaskets and they have been discontinued. Whats that you say?? Yes you heard correctly the crankcase cover gaskets have been discontinued to Ducati.



We were able to get the bike on one side of the scissor lift with paddock stands, this made life a little easier and no doubt we will use the lift for the bikes going forward.


Anyways, back to out leak. Ducati didn’t just turn us away, they recommended this Wurth Super Duty Silicone. We never heard of it, but hey, I’ll try anything once and maybe even twice to be sure!


Now you can see we weren’t taking any chances, once we cleaned the surfaces down good and proper, we lashed on the silicone. It will definitely need some tidying as the red is clashing with the lovely paint job we done last year.

The bike is back not he road now and so far so good. Paul got it out for  a good 30-40 miles the other night on a chipper run.

Happy to report the Ducati monster oil leak is now fixed!