Exhaust Bracket Bushes

Wow, its been so long since I’ve posted anything. Its not that I haven’t been up to much, just haven’t had much time to post. I have tons of jobs completed on the roadrunner, including some interesting stuff with the steering system which I hope to post in the next couple of weeks. Paul got a little ’74 Fiat 500 to mess with too. For now here is a quick look back at some Exhaust Bracket Bushes that we fit to the  Roadrunner last year.

We had the exhaust off a couple times and it developed a vibration rattle, seemed to resonate about 1500rpm, anyways the problem seems to be with the insulating bushes to the chassis (not a Ma Mopar fitment). You can see they appeared to have broken down over time, so we undertook to replace them in an effort to fix the annoying exhaust noise.

exhaust bracket

Here is a look at the old bushes, they’ve clearly broken down over time. Wow, look at the underbody, that has since been repainted, more to follow on that.



So the task was simple enough, the bushes mount through a hole in the brackets and holes in the chassis leg. the nuts have to be accessed with a spanner through holes in the underside of the chassis leg on each side.

New exhaust bracket bushes

The new bushes


They new bushes are not expensive and can be picked up in your local motor factors/parts store. I got these from the local Halfords for €1.90 each before trade discount.

new vs old exhaust bracket bushes

New vs old exhaust bracket bushes.


Here is the end result, a much stiffer exhaust bracket bush, which fully isolates the exhaust movement from the body of the vehicle.


Anyways, as I said at the beginning, there has been some interesting little jobs undertaken over the last year. I hope to share them with you all over the coming weeks with a series of posts.