Honda Accord Clutch Master Cylinder Fix

Here is a quick look at our Honda Accord Clutch Master Cylinder Fix, of course the master cylinder is not serviceable. You have to buy a new one which costs in the region of €200. Having replaced one before I know first hand that it is a awkward enough job to replace the part.

So what happened? Well I ran into some trouble last week when I found it hard to get gear. I checked the clutch reservoir and it was almost empty, so I topped it up and forgot all about it! A couple mornings later I came out and the pedal went to the floor and stayed there, checked the reservoir and it was empty. I topped the fluid and on pumping the clutch I could see the fluid squirting from the master cylinder.

Honda Accord Clutch Master Cylinder Fix

The master cylinder is on the bulk head buried in the engine bay. You can see it just above the tissue in the images


Instead of taking the old part which is a horrible job. I was able to reach down and remove the plate which coupled with an 0-ring seals the master cylinder. The plate is removed in the above image.

Honda Master Cylinder Plate.jpg

Here is the plate which is presses an o-ring into a recess in the main housing. You can see the old seal split.


Although a little awkward I was able to replace the seal by removing the engine cover and moving the master cylinder reservoir. I topped the fluid back up, bled the system and that how we carried out out Honda Accord Clutch Master Cylinder Fix.

Total Time 45 mins, it’s very awkward to get to the master cylinder with tools. Be careful if you have to do this there is a little clip behind the plate, you don’t want to loose it.


Brake fluid can effect some types of rubber, an EPDM seal was used in this instance.