Leaf Spring Overhaul Continued

Here is our Leaf Spring Overhaul continued, for those of you just reading this you can read a little on the removal here. You can see from the image below the condition of the removed springs. The had corroded and sagged over time and the vehicle was sitting flat. We sent them out to Portlaoise Springs to have them re-arched and also have a leaf added.


Let’s see how it went.

While waiting on the springs to be refurbished, we took to cleaning and painting some of the spring hardware, front hanger and mounting plates etc.

Mopar Spring Plates Painted

Left side mounting plates cleaned and painted, right side to be done. Sneak peak at the refurbished springs up in the top corner.

We were very pleased with how the springs turned out, they came back painted with the old bushes pressed out.

Here is how the springs looked when we got them back.

Portlaoise Springs were able to supply us with new U Bolts, unfortunately the old bolts could not be matched as they were imperial, they were a 1/2″ Diameter and we replaced them with 14mm diameter. not a big issue we just needed to drill out the bottom leaf plate by about 1mm.

closing u bolts

We had to close up the U Bolts slightly, not something that can be done by hand. We closed them up with the big vise. The trick here is compress it a little and see where the metal springs back to. Slow and easy does it.

We had to do the same with the top mounting plates, they appeared bent when we took them off and when placed over the bottom plate the holes didn’t line up fully.

Some of the bushes looked tired to say the least, below you can see the condition of two of the old bushes. We replaced the spring bushes with poly bushes and also replaced the rear spring shackles with the correct parts, the ones that were fitted where just made up with flat bar.

Tires bushes

Old spring shackle bushes, not looking great!!

New poly bushes fitted to the front eyes. you can see the new Leaf below, its not tapered like the others.

You can see the springs refitted below, should have painted up the U Bolts. The spring isolator bushes where actually in decent condition so we didn’t replace them.

Springs refitted.

Rear Spring Hanger

Can just about see the rear spring hanger/shackle, this is shorter than the made up ones that were fitted. Even with the shorter shackle the can still sits a good bit higher.

The end result

Now let us see the end result, the back is sitting a couple of inches higher. You can really see the difference when compared with the images in the previous post. Now the only question is do we drop the front to give us a little more rake.

Hope you enjoyed reading our leaf spring overhaul continued post, stay tuned for more little jobs we have lined up.