Leaf Springs Re-arched and Replacement Bushes.

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted anything, I was away in Sunny France. I’ve had this job on the to-do list for a little while now. The rear leaf springs were sagging on the Plymouth Roadrunner, the left especially. We needed to get the rear leaf springs re-arched and replacement bushes fitted.

Plymouth Roadrunner Stance

Left rear wheel appears slightly up in the wheel arch.


Plymouth on the ramp

Vehicle in the air ready to remove springs


The vehicle has been fitted with Monroe air shocks to jack up the back end. The issue with these is they can put extra pressure on the top shock mounts and potentially damage them as the shock is taking more of the weight that it should. This is compounded by the age of the vehicle (42 years young).

Speaking about old cars, another issue with these old cars is old corroded bolts and nuts. Top Tip: loosen the front eye nut before removing the hanger from the vehicle.

Spring Bush

Front Eye and Hanger, we gave this a good soak in penetrating fluid before we could loosen it.

Hanger Removal

Plenty of elbow grease required to try loosen the front eye bolt to try remove the hanger.


We’ve taken the springs to Portlaoise Springs for them to re-arch the springs and they can also make new U-Bolts for us. They come highly recommended from our contacts in the trade. We’ll post pictures in a couple days when we have them back. New springs are available in the states, but the shipping cost to Ireland is prohibitive.


Round Front Eye Bushing

Poly Bush Set

’74 bush set shows an oval front eye bush, the previous years have a round bush which we have ordered.


We ordered replacement poly bushes from Rock Auto, the ones listed for the ’74 appear to be Oval for the front eye, but as you can see our front eye is round. We’ve order the round ’72/’73 bushes, hopefully they are the correct fit.

While we are waiting for the springs we took a wire brush to the hangers and brackets etc and gave them a couple of coats of black paint to freshen them up a little.

Hope you enjoyed reading about how we are getting on with the leaf springs re-arched and replacement bushes.  We’ll post again once we have the springs back and the replacement bushes here.


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