Mid Rise Lift

We got a new toy, a mid rise lift. This is a 3 ton scissor lift and raises the vehicle to a height of 1 metre off the ground. While not as handy as a full height lift, the mid rise list definitely makes like a little easier for most jobs.

We got this lift from Redmount.ie, very helpful guys up there. The ramp is portable. You can attach wheels and move the ramp using the hydraulic unit.

I found it moved when the Roadrunner tried to drive over it, probably due to it being rear wheel drive. We don’t need to move it so We bolted it down.



The ramp came pre assembled, just connect hydraulic unit and fill with fluid. It’s fitted with pneumatic safety locks which proved to be a little troublesome as they weren’t standard fittings. It was a 5/16th push on hose connector.

Luckily I was able to get some 3/8 beer gas line and a reducer to 5/16th to feed the unit from the compressor.

Roll of 3/8th Beer Gas Line

Tried to run the line neatly around the skirting as the compressor was on the other side of the garage


The ramp works a treat and the pneumatic locks have no problems being powered by our little 25l compressor.  Check out the video of them in action;

Hope you like our new toy, the mid rise lift. We just need to get some sheet metal now and fabricate up some guards for the hydraulic lines. They are already being walked on and I can see them being damaged if we don’t do something soon.