New decals on the Roadrunner


Following our last post about the repair on the quarter panel, we fit new decals on the Roadrunner. We’ve actually had them a little while, just sitting patiently on the shelf for me to repair the quarter panel.

First step was to clean off the panels of any dirt and debris. Then tape the decals onto the panel to check and confirm the positioning is correct.

Once happy place some tape around the decal to use are a guide. Remove the decal and spray the panel lightly with a soapy water solution.

Peel away the backing and use the tape guides to position the decal. Usually start one side and work your way across. The soapy water allows you to move the decal if necessary.

Plymouth Black

Decal taped in place, I put some tape around this then to mark the position

Once your happy with the positioning, you need to firmly squeegee the decal. Start on one side and work your way across, the aim here is to squeegee out excess water and any air bubbles there might be.

Allowed to dry for about 30 mins and the peel the backing paper away at the tight angle. The results are as follows:

Plymouth Decal

Plymouth Decal after the backing was removed

Plymouth Decal Left

Here is a shot of the vehicle from a distance, any thoughts on the new decals on the roadrunner?? I think it suits!

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