Nissan Almera Repair

Here’s a quick look at a little DIY Nissan Almera Repair we carried out. The repair was required following a small argument with another vehicle. There was very little money in the budget for repairs.

It appeared the wing and bumper corner had taken all the damage, but it turned out there was a little more damage behind wing on the valence and front panel. Nothing crazy but we had to get a little creative with trying to straighten it because the slide hammer was nowhere to be found.

Straightening the valence

Nissan Almera

We had to straighten some small damage to the front panel with the help of a heavy sandbag and ratchet strap (not recommended at all, but when needs must)


The Paintwork

Anyway the main issue was the right front wing had to be replaced. An aftermarket  wing was purchased and we scotched it down and decreased it. Make sure you use a red scotch pad for primer prep.


Almera Wing

The new wing scotched down and degreased ready for primer.

As we were on a budget we just used aerosol primers and gave the entire wing several coats and flattened with 800 wet and dry. If you’re doing this make sure you use plenty of water as you sand, we like to use a bottle with a trigger to apply water.


Nissan Almera Wing Primed

Almera wing after a couple cost if primer, only couple more needed.

After we rubbed down the primer it was time to break out the guns and give the wing a couple coats of basecoat. There are health and safety concerns when painting and although we were doing a DIY job we still used an air fed mask. Make sure you cover anything you don’t want to get overspray on.


Almera Basecoat

this is the wing after basecoat was applied. We gave it a dusty coat to start then two full wet coats

Nissan Almera Wing Basecoat

Once the basecoat dried we applied 3 coats of lacquer which turned out well considering there was no spray booth. You will always get dust settling in the paintwork when doing a DIY job like this. Most times it can be sanded and polished out, unless its very big. Again don’t expect show car quality from a job in a shed.


Almera Lacquer

two coats applied and left to dry overnight


Almera Wing Lacquer Sun

The finished product in the sunlight


The finished product

Nissan Almera Almost Finished

Nissan Almera Repair almost complete, just a little more work to finish it off.

Being a low budget DIY job on a vehicle worth less than €1000, top quality was not high on the priority list, no blends were carried out and the bumper corner damage was not repaired as it was only cosmetic. The result was an extremely cheap repair which we think turned out well enough.