Polyurethane Bushes vs Rubber Bushes

Here are the parts that landed for the Roadrunner. New rear spring shackles, Polyurethane bushes for the rear springs and a new transmission mount. We took a very quick look and the difference of Polyurethane Bushes vs Rubber Bushes

We fit Energy Suspension bushes to our car. They have an excellent reputation and where a perfect fit when it came to getting them installed.

Take a look at the condition of the some of the old rubber bushes, they were totally distorted and beaten up.

Old Plymouth Bushes

Here are a couple of the new poly bushes fitted to the leaf springs. When fitting these it’s important to clean the inside of the eyes apply the supplied grease as directed. You must apply it to the polyurethane bushes, eyes and any bolt sleeves supplied.

Mopar Poly Bushes

For anyone interested we made a small video to show the difference between a standard rubber bush and the polyurethane bushes. The new shackles were supplied with rubber bushes so we were able to compare two new bushes as below.

Hope you enjoyed reading, stay tuned!