Quarter Panel SMART repair

So we had a little damage on the Roadrunner that needed taking care of, a Quarter Panel SMART repair was needed. The reasons we opted for a SMART repair was 1) the paintwork isn’t show quality on the car and 2) the previous owner didn’t fit the proper decals, he painted on the main section of the roadrunner stripe which meant we couldn’t remove and replace as you would painting the whole panel.

Remember if doing any kind of paintwork, you should use appropriate PPE and respirator mark and work in a well ventilated area. If possible try to get isocyanate free paints and lacquers.

The idea of the SMART repair is to keep the repair area small, we feather edges the damage area first using 320 grit sand paper and primed using filler primer aerosol.

Quarter panel masked for priming.

Quick mask around the damages area for priming.


Quarter panel primed.

Apply 2-3 good coats of primer on the damages ares, we applied 1 coat of etch primer before the filler primer.


Unfortunately we had a little bit of a problem, when de-masking we pulled off some of the paint further back on the wheel arch. We didn’t want to get into another repair area so we just used a 1k stopper to fill the little holes and primed over that.

Stopper on quarter panel

We applied stopper and primed over.



Time to mask the car.


Quarterpanel ready to paint.


Road Runner masked up

Car masked up and ready to paint, see how we had to mask the decal line. this will give an idea of how small the repair area was kept.

We sanded down the primer with 800 wet and dry and used gray scotch all around the repair area. You want to scotch out further than the area you will be painting, we had to apply several coats of 2k paint which we picked from a colour chart supplied by a local paint distributor.

We kept the painted area as small as possible, just around the wheel arch. Once we had sufficient coverage and the colour was blended, we added 50% fade out thinners to our paint and sprayed out a little further, finally we added more fade out thinner to the little paint that was left in the gun almost all thinner at this point and went out a little further again to try blend the old paint with the new.


Quarter panel painted

This is the quarter panel after it was painted and and de-masked. It’s not looking too bad.


Finally once we painted the area and allowed it sufficient time to cure we could polish the car. If you don’t have any type of heat or drying equipment this can take up to 24 hours. We had infra red lamps to dry the paint.

Roadrunner quarter panel painted.

The finished product.

Roadrunner quarter panel reflection.

The finished area gave a nice reflection after the final polishing was complete.


In case anyone wants to know we used a Sata Minijet gun to spray and G3 Ultra to polish. Hope you enjoyed reading about our little Quarter Panel SMART Repair, if you have any questions please leave a comment.

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