Saab 93 Gear Selector Problem


Our good friend had a Saab 93 gear selector problem on his 1.9 Diesel. This is apparently a common issue where the gears selector inside the vehicle is very stiff in all directions and won’t self centre. This problem is so common that there are repair kits available online for approx €50.

Unfortunately we didn’t take many images of videos of this Saab 93 gear selector problem. I would have been nice to show you a video of the before so you could see how this problem really effects the driveability of the car. Anyway below are some images of how we got the issue sorted for free, yep €0.

The problem lies with a control armature on the side of the selector unit.

Saab Selector Armature

This is the selector armature removed from the selector unit. the armature pivots where those to large holes are.

Saab Gear Selector

Complete selector unit, part in the red circle is where the armature sits.

Saab Selector Armature Pin

This pin holds the armature onto the selector unit, the pin is pressed on and the narrow end below is that left after we drilled the armature off with a stepped drill bit.

Saab Selector Unit

The armature pin goes through this part of the selector, the issue lies here where the pin and armature seize up and get stiff.

Cleaning the Selector Unit

We wrapped a piece of red scotch on a drill bit and used the drill to clean the inside of the mounting point. we followed this then grey scotch and the with Autosol metal polish on some rag

Saab Gear Selector Fixed

Because we drilled off the pressed pin, we had to come up with a way to remount the armature. We slit the original pin in pace after we cleaned it up and put a long bolt through the original pin and used washers to keep it in place.


We hope you enjoyed reading about how we fixed the Saab 93 Gear Selector Issue. Here is a video of it fixed, unfortunately we didn’t take a before video for comparison.

If anyone is interested, the selector is located on top of the gearbox, you have to remove some components to get at it but once you do its just a couple of bolts.