Simple jobs always go to shit

Is it just me or do simple jobs always go to shit for other people too. Take this Mitsubishi Colt droplink for example. My sister I law called me with a suspension noise, checked the car and found the droplink bolt snapped. Easy fix!!!!

Old Mitsubishi Colt Droplink

What was left of the old drop link


So I ordered up the drop link and fitted the new one. The but tightened up but was assembly was still loose, I tried to tighten the nut a little more and it cross threaded, I obviously hit the shoulder of the bolt and not I was unable to loosen it.

The bolt was too long! I checked the part number against the suppliers site and found that although it looked the same it was for a different model. I had to cut the replacement drop link off and wait for the correct replacement.

Cut drop link

The new drop link bolt after I had to cut it off


Eventually, the new part arrived and I was able to replace it and move on with my life, but it occurred to me that this small job like so many other of late had turned into a disaster job.

Do simple jobs always go to shit for other people or is it just me?


2007 Mitsubishi Colt Droplink

The finished product!