Sugar in Fuel Tank


I’m sure we’ve all heard about Sugar in Fuel Tank causing havoc with cars. So what happens when you put sugar in Petrol/Diesel?

Well, a while ago I had a case where an individual claimed someone had put sugar in his fuel tank. I think everyone has heard of this, but like many others I had never came across this first hand.

I called a friend with extensive engine rebuilding experience and asked him what actually happens to the engine, when sugar is added to the fuel tank. He confirmed that he had come across a couple of alleged cases over the years but couldn’t attribute any damage to sugar.

I went off and did a little research and found mixed results, some people said it caused damage and other that it did not. Then I found that Mythbusters had actually done an episode on this, and busted the myth.

So I decided I had to try this for myself and see what exactly happens when sugar is added to both Petrol and Diesel. It turns out that sugar is neither is soluble in Petrol or Diesel.

So what happens when sugar is added to the fuel tank. Well, in a modern car nothing, the sugar should be caught by the fuel filter requiring premature replacement. There may have been some merit to this on older vehicles where fuel filters may not have been as efficient or may have been removed.