What will this Roadrunner give birth to?


We’re big Fans of American muscle Cars here, especially Mopar vehicles.

Out of all the great muscle cars, we’ve always had a soft spot for the Roadrunners and currently have a ’74 to play with.

Have look at this Dirt Every Day video posted on the  Motor Trend Channel. What have they been up to with a rusted out ’73 Plymouth Roadrunner.

Instead of restoring it to its former glory (we don’t believe this is an ugly Roadrunner, there’s no such thing), they are transforming it into a post apocalyptic style off road beast akin to something from Mad Max or the Charger from Fast 7.

One thing that we are positively against is putting a Diesel engine into a muscle car, these classics cars deserve nothin short of a gas guzzling V8, preferably a big block.

Although we’d prefer to see it restored we are looking forward to seeing the end result. Let us know what you think of this Monster Roadrunner.

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